How to sell an old car quickly

When your vehicle has come to the end of its life and it comes time to sell, there are several different options for getting a good price for it. The most important factors for most people at going to be the price that they can get for their car and the ease of the sale. Each of the options below has its own set of advantages and disadvantages so have a good read over this list before you take the nest step with selling your car.

Sell privately in your local area

Selling privately will generally allow you to fetch a higher price than any of the other options as you are cutting out any middleman in the process. If you know the right people then a local private sale may not take too long but there is no guarantee of a quick sale like with some other options.

The steps that I took when selling locally were to phone or text message friends and family with the details of my vehicle and the price that I was wanting. I also asked them to pass the message on to anyone that they knew who may be interested in a cheap vehicle. I use an email to SMS service to send the message out to all the contacts in my phone. There’s a good list of similar services on this site that could be worth looking into if you have a contact list that is large enough to warrant it. Selling privately to a cash for cars company is also a very effective way of making a quick sale.

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FOR SALE posters around town

The next step that I would recommend is to get some posters printed and place them in prominent places around your town. I had someone on design a poster which I printed locally. You can also download car for sale poster templates for printing. I used a roll of double sided tape or pins to put the posters up on community notice boards and at the local mall. My advice with this is to make the poster as descriptive as you can with the given space to avoid spending a lot of time on the phone answering questions about your car.

Swap your car for a stack of cash!

Swap your car for a stack of cash!

Sell your car to a local vehicle auction house

By selling a car at the auctions, there is no guarantee that you will get a high price but I have actually had some pleasant surprises where I’ve ended up making more than I had expected. The results from using a vehicle auction house can vary a lot depending on the time and day of the auction and even the auctioneer. My advice is to go along to an auction before selling your vehicle to get a better idea of how the process works. is a good example of a reputable car auction company in Australia. Just ensure that you do your research to make sure that you’re dealing with a trustworthy auction house.

List your car on an ‘auto trader’ website

If you haven’t had much luck selling your car locally, using an online auto listing website can be a good way of getting your vehicle in front of a large number of potential buyers. Take some quality photos of your vehicle and write an appealing description to ensure you have the best chance of catching the attention of visitors to the site. CarSales is the main site in Australia for selling a vehicle online and is a major player in the US.

Sell your car to a wrecking company

None of the options so far in the list guarantee a sale but this is where a removal and wrecking company can come into play. With wreckers, you’re practically guaranteed of making a sale but the price will often be less than what you would get by selling through any of the other options above. The flip side of this (generally) lower sale price is that the sale should be quick and easy. Check out this great car removal company¬†for examples of reputable wreckers. These guys are also great for car removal in Wellington. Some wreckers will also sell used car parts so you may be able to cheaply repair your vehicle if it’s not too badly damaged or worn out.

Enter a demolition derby!

If all else fails and you’re unable to sell your car, enter it in a demolition derby! You’ll probably still be able to sell it for scrap once it’s done in the derby. Wikipedia has a page about demolition derbys¬†and you’ll be able to find a demo derby near you by doing a Google search.